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Our commitments

Our commitments

Our environmental commitment :

This year again, we are mobilizing for the environment :
We use more and more ecological and recycled products and for the cleaning with more than 10 different references. We do our best to reduce our environmental print and our energy needs : energy-saving lights and with detection, water-saving dispositives, waste sorting, recovery of used batteries, collective composter...
We maintain our natural spaces with electric devices (chainsaw, hedge-trimmer, blower...) and use many techniques respecting the environment (drip irrigation, ecological pest traps), 0 weedkiller.

Our association commitment :

We support Indra France Pondichery association that helps orphan kids in the City of Pondichéry in India through sponsorships, giving them the opportunity to succeed at school (purchase of school supplies, study rooms...)
This small organization collects donations and donates them entirely to the children while regularly verifying the good functioning of the action on the spot. We are committed to supporting their work every year. Then do as we do: make a donation or sponsor a child from Pondichery.

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