La Garonne beach (1km away from the campsite) :

About 150 meters long, this beach is one of the most easily accessible beaches. Composed of golden pebbles and soft sand. Bring your mask and snorkel to discover the fauna and flora of our sea coast. Environment remained preserved. The right side is sand and left is a mixture of sand and pebbles. There are a few restaurants nearby. Sea kayaking, windsurfing, sports catamaran, snorkeling water ride are available.

Les Oursinières beach (3km away from the campsite) :

Composed of sand and gravel following areas, about 100m long, this beach is located next to the small Provencal pier Oursinières and offers a beautiful view of the peninsula of Saint-Mandrier. It remains pleasant with children with parking nearby. Not far away, a dive center offers trips on several spots available for different levels.

Les Bonnettes beach (2,5km from the campsite) :

Beach suitable for families. Exceptional natural and protected environment, it is a sandy beach. About 150 meters long, it is located in a cove protected from winds (especially the left side of the beach) with dense vegetation that allows, in many places, to find a few shade.

Le Monaco beach (3km away from the campsite) :

For us, the most beautiful Pradet beach is located west of the seaside resort. This is one of the wildest beaches of Le Pradet. Approximately 400 meters of sand plus a few small coves, this beach is supervised in summer. The setting is beautiful with many pine trees along the beach. If you want peace, it is the ideal beach! But beware, to access the beach you have to walk through a trail and down many stairs.

The left (end over small creeks) are reserved for naturists.