Campsite Toulon


With its priviledged location between seaside and hills, Toulon is a city where life is beautiful.

Holidaymakers can enjoy sun and sea benefits on Le Mourillon beaches, certified blue flag, stretching out on 9 acres.

Along the beaches, a considerable number of restaurants proposes you a great deal of papilla delight. You will find there many events and animations all year long.

You can now walk through the “chemin des Douaniers” from la Tour Royale to Méjean bay, freely and safely.

Toulon Port du Levant is the 1st military pier in France nowadays. Established close to the historical center, the military arsenal and the Navy builings are one of the key spots when you visit Toulon. Leaving from the pier, paths are leading closer to Charles-de-Gaulle aircrafts carrier.

You can reach Mount Faro using a cable-car, high above Toulon. There is a wonderful view on Toulon area from up there. You can visit the Faro zoo too. It is a true wildcats home where lions, leopards and panthers are ruling. You can visit the Memorial Museum from the Landing too, it is a place marked by History.